Winter – 21 Tips on How to Embrace the Cold

June 1, 2016
winter baby it's cold outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


21 Tips on How to Love Winter:

Before reading ahead, the ultimate first step is deciding you want to beat the winter blues. This step I assure you is the hardest but also the most critical.  I’m choosing to fall in love with winter this year, join me, won’t you.


Today is cold. I mean realllllly cold. My house feels like an icicle – I like to think for half the year we get to experience what visiting an Ice Hotel or Bar feels like, but much more cost effective.  Why pay money to drink at an ice bar, when you can just come round to my house. This is clearly one of those glass half-full moments.


Today marks the first day of winter.  Happy Winter southern hemisphereans.  Time to dust off those summer dreams and start to embrace the chill. Each year as winter approaches I usually feel the dismay of the short days ahead, coupled with the looming freeze that seems to never end.  I’ve not always embraced winter, but this year I’ve decided I’m giving it the love it deserves.


Here’s why I’m deciding to love winter this year:
+ Cozy nights in pubs with log fires

+ Hot Toddies – google this, you won’t be disappointed, it’s a firm favourite!  Whisky, lemon, ginger, honey.  The perfect cold remedy

+ Netflix nights

+ Winter clothes – Lots of layers and all the best coats (I maintain I love Melbourne for the continuously changing clothes, you never get sick of your wardrobe)

+ Fresh crisp air – my recent trip to China has me really appreciating this one

+ Winter days in the country

+ Coffee – I like big cups and I can not lie

+ Red wine

+ Mulled wine

+ Turmeric in everything – Turmeric & Ginger Lattes and Turmeric porridge are my favourites!  For the Turmeric Porridge, I simply cook on the stove top my porridge like I usually would, add a tspn of turmeric, tspn of coconut oil, dash of cinnamon and a tspn of tahini, and cook through some chopped banana.  Delicious!

+ Soup at every meal

+ Puzzle nights

+ Long brunches

+ Log fires

+ Knitted chunky scarves

+ Sundays in bed

+ Reading as many books as you possibly can

+ Long baths – I wish! But a perk I have experienced

+ Game of Thrones nights

+ My birthday’s in winter – woohoo look out 29 I’m coming for you.

+ We’re going to Hawaii this winter (sorry I know this is a terrible one to finish on, as we’re essentially skipping the tail end of winter and will be lazing around on tropical islands, but still, holidays are exciting!! And as I’ve found 20 other reasons I’ll be loving winter, one summer-lazing holiday on white sandy beaches, doesn’t count at all. Who knows, I might even miss the cold!)


If you’re going to jump on the winter gratitude train here’s some essentials:

+ Create your own gratitude list of why you love winter

+ Get yourself some vitamins to prevent any sickness. Every year without fail I get sick. I felt the beginnings of it the other day, so I jumped on some Vitamins (& a Hot Toddy) and boom, I woke up feeling great.

+ Keep moving. You’ve got to keep yourself fit and healthy through winter. I’ve recently started Barre Classes again and have added them into my weekly workouts. Nothing like chilly 6:30am classes to get you moving for the rest of the day. My weekly routine includes 2 yoga classes, 2 barre classes, my picture runs (check them out here – it’s a fantastic motivation tool), and afternoon strolls with my love.

+ If you’re like me and run naturally cold – cold hands, cold body, cold feet, cold everything, warming foods are your best friend. Soups, casseroles, slow cooked anything, nourishing hearty meals keep me balanced all winter long. Once a week I find myself cooking this delicious Immune Boosting Soup.

+ I’ve mentioned ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) before in my morning routines, and as hard as it is, my tip is to keep up your morning routines during winter, yes that does mean getting up while it’s still dark for some of us, but trust me it’s worth it. I mix about a teaspoon of ACV in with some warm water each morning and it’s fantastic for a couple of reasons. a) it’s a perfect way to start your water intake for the day and b) it gets your liver cleansing.

+ After I take my ACV, I take this greens powder. With all the soups through winter, I don’t find myself eating salads as much as I usually would, so to make sure I’m still getting a little extra boost of greens, I love this greens powder. I mix a teaspoon with some water and drink before I get going with my day. Also it’s absolutely delicious.

+ Keep drinking water. I find it a lot harder in winter to drink as much water as I do in Summer. One thing I love to do is drink warm water throughout the day.  Cold water chills my entire body, so I offset it with warm water. At night I’m all about peppermint or rooibos teas.  It’s all about balance.

+I love warm yoga classes, for me nothing above 25degrees is perfect. It’s beautiful to step into a warm room and move your body and stretch out all the creeks from your day.

+ Remember, it’s not bad weather, it’s bad clothing! Get yoself some warm clothes.

+ If all else fails, and you are absolutely hating winter this year, my last tip is to do what we’ve done – plan yourself a holiday to escape just a little of it. It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it really helps in finding appreciation for those cold winter days.


How are you staying healthy and happy this winter?  Do you have any of your own tips?  I’d love to hear how you embrace the cold


Much love


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