What is a Health Coach?

July 13, 2016
Health Coach

What is  a Health Coach – and what can I do for you?


Great question! Let’s go back to the beginning shall we?


Meet Abbey about 5 years ago. I looked healthy. I felt fit; I felt my body was the best it had been in years. I worked out nearly every day, and not the fun kind; the grueling sweat sessions in the gym lifting weights and running on the treadmill.


Why? I felt it would fill a void in my life. I ate meticulously well. No sugar, no salt, no bad fats. I looked ‘healthy’, but I was far from happy. I felt very disconnected from myself, particularly my mind.


I was working myself towards some sort of perfectionism, in all areas of my life. It was exhausting, and I was extremely unhappy.


A year or so later, I’d stopped my gym sessions, and I felt happier, I felt lighter, but I didn’t love my body. I wasn’t exercising as much, I wasn’t eating what felt right and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, and I again didn’t feel connected with myself, this time though it was my body.


Fast forward to today, and I’ve managed to find my perfect balance. I eat what works for my body. I move my body in exactly the way it needs to, and I feel happier, connected and more in sync than I have before. How did I get here?
I learnt how to listen to my body, I learnt how to love my body, and I learnt how to be gentle with my body.


I learnt the connection between my body and my mind, and dropped the expectations, perfectionism and comparisonitis. But I also devoured every health blog I could find, learnt from other women and eventually began my studies to become a Health Coach.


So what does a health coach do? We help you to be you. The best version of you, that works in perfect balance between your body, mind and soul. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you, something us health coaches like to call ‘Bio-individuality’.


I’m determined to help you feel your absolute best


Do you want to reconnect to yourself? Or feel great and in absolute love with your body?   Or do you want to try and curb your sugar cravings? Or maybe you want to understand your body and how to eat a little better.


As a Health Coach, I’m here to help you connect the dots in your body. Think of when you were younger and needed a coach; be it at netball, piano lessons or dance class. You had the ability, but a coach helped you hone your skills and guided you to be the best version of yourself. That’s what I do. You have everything you already need to feel your best, you may just not know how to connect the dots.


Being a Health Coach is about getting to the core of why we eat the way we eat. We break down our ‘primary foods’ into four main areas in our lives – our relationships, our careers, movement & exercise, and our mindfulness practice. This will look different for everyone.


For me this looks like:

+ How’s my relationship with myself first and foremost, and then I look into the relationships around me. If I’m feeling connected body mind and soul I usually am showing up in my relationships as the best version of me. When I feel happy I nourish my body.


+ How’s my work life? Am I stressed, am I motivated, am I inspired, do I find time to play and be creative? When I keep my stress levels down and I have fun in my job, I come home in a much better frame of mind, I make time for my evening yoga class, or I go for a walk and I come home and eat a balance nourishing meal. The days I’m stressed, tired and grumpy, I usually order that pizza and ice cream.


+ Am I moving my body daily? You may have a different need; you may be a marathon runner and need more high intensity training. For me, I’ve found my perfect balance and daily exercise. It varies from yoga, Barre class, evening walks, and the occasional run. This works for me. I feel completely in balance when I move daily. I feel centered, calm and happier.


+ Am I connecting my body and mind in a spiritual mindful practice? This may mean something very different for you, for me, I calm my mind in yoga and meditation, big deep belly breathing, focusing on my breath. Do I meditate daily? Nope, but I’ve found what works for me.


When these parts of my life are all in check, I feel the rest just follows. I eat better, I sleep better, I feel happier, I feel healthier, I feel confident, I feel sexy and I feel incredible when I stand in front of the mirror.


Once we’ve delved into our ‘primary foods’, we look at our ‘secondary foods’; what goes on our plates.


This is where you may think – Do I drink? Do I eat chocolate? Yes, yes and yes! To me it’s all about balance, and never deprivation. I do eat chocolate, I do drink wine and I do love cake (if you’ve seen my Instagram, I’m constantly swooning over cake). I do try and limit my sugar intake, and stick to raw or ‘healthier’ versions of cake, because I feel better when I do, but sometimes you’ve just got to have your cake and eat it too. So I’m not judging you, ever. Not even a teeny tiny bit. We’re all human, we all love to indulge, and we just call this balance.


Am I perfect? Hell no. But I’ve found the tools that work for me to be able to be the best version of myself.


Getting there is a journey, one I’m here to help you with. I feel healthy starts with being gentle. Going back to the child-like innocent place of love. Remember when you were a child and you looked in the mirror, and saw nothing but love? You weren’t judging, you were just you, nothing to compare, and nothing to hide. You were your glorious self.


Let’s go back to that!


I’m your soul sister, cheering you on, leading your girl gang.


Imagine waking up every morning, standing in front of the mirror and loving what you see, and also feeling absolutely incredible and full of confidence.


Picture your day, eating the colours of the rainbow in abundance and feeling nourished, satisfied and full, without any second-guessing.


A perfect day where you don’t feel a disconnect between your mind and body, your inner critic is working with you, not against you, and you feel full of flow.


You feel completely nourished in your mind, body and soul. You feel creative, confident and inspired.


That’s what Health Coaching is. All about YOU and helping you to feel absolutely incredible.


I’m still offering my complimentary 60 minute coaching session until the end of July, so if you’d love to know more, or have a soul centered chat with me, contact me here or here.


Much much love


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