Social Media Detox? Do These 10 Fun Things Instead

November 16, 2016
Social Media Detox

Time for a Social Media Detox?


Do you ever have those days, weeks and even months where you get so stuck and you question everything? You feel all the feels, but mostly you just feel shitty.  I’m calling it – it’s time for a social media detox!


When I get in these; something I like to put most down to my cycle and the moon, hello Super Moon, I turn to Social Media. My rational mind responds to this choice: Oh yeah, that’s a fantastic idea… Kick yourself when you’re down. Don’t feel great about life today, then let’s look at all the wonderfully amazing women who have got it all going on.

My inner critic on the other hand tells me: No, Look. They are what you can be. But you’re not, sorry. You’re just not as (insert any adjective) as they are.


Yes I know there is a beautiful coating on every photo that doesn’t show you the realness behind it, but still, when you’re in these moods, SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!


Let me say it again. Turn off your phone. Delete apps if you have to and put down your phone.

Walk away from your phone. Walk away.


Of course this is much easier to say than do. And social media is not all negative, no no no, social media has connected me to so many brilliant people. But, and this is the big but, if you are in a comparing, judgmental, feeling all the feels kind of mood, you don’t need social media. You need nature, friends, real people, real connections, good food, time out, a good book. There is so much you need other than social media.


I found myself last week in the midst of this crazy whirlwind where I questioned everything. I even got myself stuck in the deepest of dark holes feeling death. You know those moments when you can’t draw yourself out of the rabbit hole of thinking what are we all doing here and what happens next.


So I turned to my phone to try and make me feel better. Shockingly it didn’t. I looked at everyone doing amazing things; meanwhile I’m sitting in a ball on the couch scared to death. (see what I did there)


At that moment I thought, that’s it. This has got to stop. No more social media. I decided to have a tech free weekend. No social media for 36 hours. I thought like most abstaining practices, I’ve got this.


It turns out Mother Nature wanted to step in and help me out, so she brought to us the fiercest summer storm that cut out all our phone and internet lines. Thank you I quietly whispered to her.  And 5 days later and still no internet, I think she’s really trying to prove her point.


So instead of checking what everyone else was doing with their weekends, and how glamorous their beach days look, and farmers market hauls and yoga pants are, I had a tech free weekend of absolute bliss and fun.   Beach, swim, food, wine, food, cake, swim, markets, wine, cake, books, swim, pretty much sums up my social media detox.


Nothing stops if you don’t check social media. Nothing changes. You don’t lose all your followers, everything is still there when you get back, but you have so much more to gain.


Here are 10 things I suggest to do if you decide it’s time for a social media detox:

+ Go outside, whether that be to your local park, to the woods, to the beach, for a walk, just get some fresh air

+ Have a picnic. Pack up some cheeses, wine and grapes and lay around all afternoon enjoying doing nothing.

+ Read a book. This is highly encouraged with tip 2

+ Take yourself on a date. Pick a cute little café and have breakfast on your own. Go to a movie on your own. Go to the beach on your own. Do tip 2 & 3 on your own

+ Organise a fun day out – picture kayaking, bike riding, go-karting, trampolining, swimming, horseback riding, stand up paddle boarding. So many fun things to try

+ Bake a cake, for yourself, for your girlfriend or for your mum

+ Go to the beach, the pond, the lake, the watering hole or the local pool. I was still feeling some of the feels on Saturday afternoon, and a quick dip washed them all quite literally away

+ Garden, pot up some herbs, build a veggie patch, a pallet garden (check out my video of my attempt) and the finished product here and here or pot some natives for your balcony

+ Puzzle, play a boardgame, play cards, colour in. This is especially fun if the weather is not permitting many of the above.

+ Have sex, with yourself, with someone else. Enjoy yourself. All-weather friendly.


Do you take tech free days to recharge yourself and just have some fun? Sometimes leaving that phone at home really lets you get completely immersed in what’s around you and sometimes right in front of you.


Let me know if you have any other fun tips on how to spend our weekends/days off phone free.


Much Love





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  • Reply Zoe November 20, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    Perfect! so true!
    Love the reference to pot up some natives! xx love your wor!

    • Reply Abbey Lake November 23, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      You’re my inspiration for all things gardening Zo xx

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