The Art of Patience & Lay-By your Goals

December 8, 2016

Are you a patient person? Patience is something I’ve been learning a whole lot more of lately. Why you may ask? A few reasons – moving interstate, adjusting to working from home, getting a puppy, country living, the list could go on. But let’s stop it there; I’m getting impatient (ha ha).


So life outside the city, needs a ‘leaving the city’ guide for dummies book attached with the move. I kid you not. Leaving the city and all it’s comforts has really taught me the art of patience. You run out of water here, and you have to toilet outside until someone can bring you water, or it rains (we’ve run out three times this month).


You just can’t decided at 9pm on a Sunday night what you feel like for dinner, for starters, this lack of daylight savings and early mornings thing has you in bed by 9, but that aside, shops close early here. Really early, before 6pm! That doesn’t happen where I’m from.


Another strange thing about the country; people actually want to talk to you. This may not sound shocking to some of you, but for me, I’m used to the usual inner city transaction. They are speedy, you be polite and say hello, but that’s it. You swiftly move on, they serve the next impatiently ‘busy’ person. Here, they actually hold up the lines to chat to you, and they want to know how your day is, genuinely, what you’ve been up to.


A real conversation.


What is this, a real conversation while I’m shopping?!   I was utterly confused when it first happened, I was caught off guard, I didn’t know how to respond, ‘ummmm my day has been good?’ I actually answered it with a question, a high pitched good??   I was shocked. I thought no one really cares how your day is, oh but she did, and there were follow up questions too. I actually was so taken aback by this exchange my mind went racing and I added a few little white lies in. I don’t even know why, except for the pure shock of the conversation.


So the tree change was brought about by our desire to get out of the city, and back into nature. It was also about this idea of having more freedom in my work, choosing my hours and being my own boss and working from home. Fantastic, yes. Easy, no. I thought by putting into action what I’d been dreaming of would immediately make me one happy worker. It didn’t. I had no idea the transition would take time, that going from one busy workspace to the quiet of my own home would be isolating.


It took me weeks to get out of my own way, to slow down, to create my own routines. I was so impatient that I wasn’t instantly gratified with working from home. There’s that word impatience again. I wanted that excited happy feeling the instant we got here. But it took time, something I wasn’t expecting it to. Expectation and Impatience are besties.   After a few weeks, and a little trial and error I started to really find my groove, and create the flexible structure I need to function.


I was really getting atop of this patience thing…and then we got Luna, our puppy. Now if you really want to test your patience, get a puppy (or I’m sure a baby, yes ‘get’ a baby, just go get one). I’ve done a lot of reading and YouTubing since Luna entered our lives and the number one lesson ‘they’ (who is they?) keep telling me, is to be patient with your puppy.




If you follow my weekly newsletter (join here), I was telling boasting like a proud mama, that Luna was completely toilet trained within her first week. In true puppy style, that didn’t stick. She’s weeing all over the place just for shits (wees) and giggles. She’s also extremely stubborn (or an untrained puppy), and I spend half my day calling her and she looks at me like ‘ha, really, that’s all you’ve got, I’m not coming to you, let’s see what you’re going to do about it’. I’m sure she’s not thinking that at all, I’m sure she’s just thinking eat, sleep, poo, play. But my inner voice is thinking that when my impatience comes to the party.


Thank fuck puppies are cute. Seriously, if she wasn’t cute…no I’m kidding, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


We all need a little more patience.


Change takes time, change takes gentleness and change takes patience.


When we start out on any new journey (let’s use body love), I think we vision our end goal (our dream body), and we forget that the road to getting there is hard work. It takes time.


I see so many women who want to lose weight and get deterred after a week of exercising and don’t see the results they hoped for. I’ve definitely been there, but change takes time. (and more than exercising).


I get impatient when one day I absolutely fucking love my body and the next I don’t. Change takes time.


Or when I go to a yoga class and I don’t see the bendy results, like the girl flexing like a pretzel next to me. Patience, change takes time.


We live in a world where we want results now, we need change to happen quickly and I feel we (I) don’t know how to respond when it doesn’t.   We live in an instant gratification world, we don’t know how to slow down and wait.


This is Gen Y’ers in a nut-shell.


Could you imagine going into a store and Lay-Bying something? Lay-by something? No way! I remember as a kid that’s what my mum would do. But now, the idea of slowly paying something off (maybe why I don’t own a house), and waiting to be able to be the proud owner of that shiny item we very likely don’t need is just such a far away idea.


But maybe it’s something we all need to explore a little more.


Lay-by your goals.


Lay-by the body you want. Know that it won’t happen instantly, if you want to be more flexible, each day flex a little bit towards your goal. Pay it off slowly until you finally get to the end of the road and get to be the proud owner of the splits or a handstand.


If you want killer abs, lay-by them, and every day work your way to the 6-pack you’ve been dreaming of .


If you want a trained puppy, lay-by her, and every day do little increments of training.


It’s time to change the way we see results. If we don’t get what we want the second we want it, we haven’t failed, we’ve just Lay-By’d it, which my darling, is how the real world works.


What are you going to lay-by?


Much love


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