A look at my plate – how to feel bikini body ready

November 9, 2016

OK let’s start with the title I chose.  I know I would click on it if I saw it, because the inner critic in me would like to know.  But.  And this is a big BUT, I don’t believe in the phrase ‘bikini body’.  We don’t have a dress body.  Or a jeans body (do we?!).  Well not that I’m aware of, and I don’t think we need a bikini body to shed our clothes and hit the beach.


So with summer just around the corner and Christmas and holidays and parties and New Year and Christmas eve, and Christmas (is it obvious Christmas is my favourite time of year?!) I , like many women fall into this trap of ‘bikini body’ ready, that the media loves to shove in our face. Now let me call bullshit on the whole bikini body craze. You are perfect and beautiful no matter what size you are. You are worthy to don to the most beautiful swimmers you can find and strut that beach like it’s nobody’s business. You are bikini body ready right now, because all you have to do is put a bikini on your body.


I know us ladies don’t always feel it though, and believing it begins with feeling it. So what’s one way to start feeling fucking fabulous? Start with feeding your body nourishing, delicious & wholesome food. I find when I eat my best; I start to feel my best.


So what do I eat?
(Disclaimer: my food pictures are very uninspiring, so I’ve included beautiful images from the creators of these delicious recipes, to hopefully inspire you).



My breakfasts are usually pretty repetitive, but this last week I’ve been mixing it up a bit and have been trusting in what my body is craving.

+ Avocado on Sourdough Toast. You just can not beat this breakfast, it’s quick, it’s filling, it’s delicious and it keeps you full until lunch.  And reduces sugar cravings!!

Avocado on Toast Breakfast

+ Omelette on Sourdough Toast with some sauerkraut. I absolutely love throwing every single thing in my fridge into the omelette (this morning I finely sliced some brussel sprouts, tomatoes, dill and mushrooms).

+ Bircher Muesli.  This is a new one for me this week, and I made it so Tom could eat before he leaves at 6am (so no excuses if you’ve got to get up early, there’s always time to eat). I mixed oats, coconut water & cinnamon and popped in the fridge ready to put some yoghurt and fruit on top in the morning.



Leftovers. Always leftovers and they are always delicious and it keeps things simple.


Here’s some dinner’s we’ve made this week in our house.  I’m a very seasonal cook.  We went to the Farmers Markets on Sunday, stocked up on all the spring and summer veggies and here’s what we came up with.


Lentil Ragu with Zuchinni Noodles

Last night I made this delicious take on pasta from Jessica Sepel’s website. It was absolutely YUMMY!! I added chilli, mushrooms, capsicum and lots of herbs to mine and topped with Parmesan.

Find the recipe here


Cauliflower Risotto


  Image from I Quit Sugar via Mind Body Green 

If you have any doubt that cauliflower can not, will not, does not work as a risotto, let me stop you right there. Cauliflower is BETTER than Arborio rice. I couldn’t believe it. Tom was doubtful, I was hesitant, but we were both utterly surprised and impressed by this recipe from Sarah Wilson on the IQS site.

Try the recipe here




Spring Pea Spaghetti with Herbed Tahini Sauce


I feel like Andrea from Dishing up the Dirt is my soul sister with her equal love for Tahini. This dish is delicious. It’s light, it’s tasty and it’s filling.


Get your Spring tahini fix here


Roasted Fennel & Beet Salad with Tahini-Herb Sauce

Yep more Tahini, and another delicious recipe from Dishing Up the Dirt! This dish will be a staple in our house.  I definitely encourage you to try it out.  The roasted fennel and beetroot are little pockets of dreams.

Fall in love with Tahini here


You may notice our house has had a meat free week. Although I’m not a vegetarian (also, labels, ah I hate labels) Tom and I are really loving focusing on vegetables as the main part of our diet. We’re feeling so much better for it, and our meals with all these delicious recipes are so tasty!


For us, we haven’t found any issues with eating a primary plant based diet, but please please listen to your own body and do what feels right for you.



Usually I have the sweetest tooth, I usually need chocolate after dinner. This week (I think because I’m eating such hearty meals with a lot of healthy fats), I haven’t craved sugar at all. This is a miracle for me.


I have though been craving a lot of salt. So for dessert the other night we made a mini cheese board. It used to baffle me when I saw cheese on the dessert menu. I now see the light. Although cheese dreams…It’s real.

For when those sugar cravings do come back this is my favourite recipe to make.  It looks tricky, but I assure you it’s super easy.  I also love to substitute the butter for tahini (I hear your gasps from here!)


Image via I Quit Sugar



+ I’ve been snacking on fruit – pineapple, nectarines and blueberries for me this week.

+ My staple snack is usually banana with tahini drizzled all over (tahini…no surprises there!)



YES YES YES. SO MUCH YES. I love coffee. I was worried last month I was addicted, so I did a little experiment to forego my morning coffee. Can I do it? Yep.  Do I like it? Nope. I just thoroughly enjoy my morning coffee, so this is one daily habit I’m happy to enjoy.



Get your water in. My tip is to carry a water bottle with you everywhere. If you have it you will drink it. I think being hot really helps with my uptake of water (adjusting to this heat means I’m usually sweating like a pig while everyone is breezily going about their days), so if you’re in the southern states, and not quite warm yet (Melbourne, I know your pain), then carry that water bottle with you everywhere.  If you need to pimp your water, throw some mint and berries in to get your flavour sensations going.


So my darling,

It’s not what you eat between Christmas & New Year, it’s what you eat between New Years and Christmas

So why not love every single thing you put in your mouth and start to feel fabulous!

Life is all about balance, and I’m sorry, but don’t even try and tell me I can’t have all the delicious food through the Christmas holidays. Holidays are meant for Pavlova.


If you feel like you need a little more help with either choosing the best nourishing foods, or how to feel great in your bikini, let’s work together.  I’m offering a free 30 minute chat face to face over Skype, where we can get to the core of your goals, and just how you can achieve them.  I want every women to feel their best this summer, and all year round.

Contact me to lock in a time

Much Love
Abbey xx

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