Love Your Body (and eat more!)

November 23, 2016
love your body

How to fall in love with your body and ditch the diets (YAY!)


I think body love is a tricky subject, we’re brought up with magazines, media and even shitty ex-boyfriends telling us that we’re not ‘x’ enough, that skinny is perfect, big booty’s are perfect, tanned is perfect. I actually had an ex-boyfriend who would only tell me I’m pretty when I was fake-tanned – enter the tanning addiction.


We shouldn’t let anyone else tell us what we are or aren’t; only we reserve the right to make ourselves feel shitty (which we already do oh so well). But this also means we are the ones who can make ourselves feel incredibly sexy too.


Most women struggle with weight loss, but the struggle for body love comes in all shapes and sizes and issues – too big boobs, too small boobs, short legs, long legs, tanned, pale, blonde, red, belly, thighs…


Everyone deserves to love their body and I want every woman to stand in front of the mirror and love what they see, all of your body, inside and out.


I want you to feel like you can love your body right now, not tomorrow after you’ve dieted or done that grueling workout. Today. Right this second, whether you’re sitting at your desk feeling great today, or sitting on the couch eating a tub of ice cream. Look down at your body and love it. Thank it. It is a pretty incredible thing that gives us so much, and so much of the time all we do is berate it.


By following these 5 steps, you’ll see how you don’t have to diet, berate yourself or restrict yourself. Loving your body wholeheartedly is about nourishing it (and yes you get to eat more!!)


How to Love your Body – 5 Steps to loving what you see


1. Look in the mirror, what do you see?


This is your Cool Runnings moment ‘I see pride, I see power, I see a baddass mother, who won’t take no crap off of nobody!’


I see a beautiful body that supports me, nourishes me and lets me dance and run and swim and play. I see a body that has been unloved for so many years, a body that was once too thin, was once bigger than loved, and now is a beautiful body with my lumps and dimples and curves. I see the body I love.

But I also see thighs I don’t love as much as the rest of my body. I see cellulite I wish wasn’t there, and I see a belly that came to hang out for a while.


So to those parts that we struggle to love as much as the rest I say, let’s write you a love note.


I’ll go first.


Dear thighs, I know we haven’t always gotten along. I ridicule you, I judge you, I wish for you to change, I do squats and lunges so I feel confident wearing shorts. I choose photos that hide you, and when I’m really not loving you I hide you away from anyone to see. But I want to thank you thighs for giving me strength to walk and run and play with my puppy. Without you I wouldn’t be able to dance or swim or hike or jump. I wouldn’t be able to do yoga (gasps)! I really am grateful for you, I really want us to get a long, I really want to love you, so here it is… Thighs, I love you. Will you love me too?


Now your turn!


2. Eat whole foods, please please please stop dieting


Dieting does one thing only – drive us crazy!! Ever heard someone say I love dieting. No. That’s never been said. No one loves dieting. Dieting is evil, it restricts you, shames you and tempts you.


Ever tried to restrict yourself of something and not fixate on it all day long? I tried this with sugar not long ago but didn’t adjust anything else…it didn’t work so well. I thought about sugar all day long, I wanted chocolate, I wanted something to satiate my cravings, I wanted all the sweet things ever made.


So I started to look into what causes sugar cravings and found that my diet was lacking enough protein and healthy fats (hello avocado), causing it to fixate on sweetners. By upping these in my meals my body naturally adjusted itself and my cravings drastically decreased, I honestly did not have chocolate on my mind all day long!


So my suggestion is to not diet, but eat real whole foods.


Now this in itself can be confusing, what is a whole food? When you go to the supermarket, and you pick up a piece of food (let’s say a carrot), and straight away you can decipher it’s a carrot – you’ve got yourself a whole food. Now let’s head to the cereal aisle, you pick up a box, look at the list of ingredients and can’t pronounce the majority of the ingredients – this is not a whole food, put it down and swiftly walk away.


If buying packaged food, the trick is to look for 3-4 ingredients total, and be able to read and pronounce them, better if you can actually visualize what they look like – you’ve got yourself some real food.


By eating whole real foods, we provide our bodies with nutrients and goodness that satiate it naturally, leaving your mind free from fixating on cookies. This method is called Crowding Out. We crowd out the bad stuff by filling up on the good stuff. So you get to eat more, instead of dieting and eating less! To that I say YAY, because who doesn’t love food!


3. Move your body – in a loving compassionate way


Compassionate is the key word here. Find something you love and do it daily. Move for 30 minutes a day, walking, swimming, riding, running, canoeing, hiking, yoga, pilates, dancing, pole dancing, swing dancing, dancing off all kind, sex, weights.


Mix it up too, if you love going to the gym for a sweat session, head to yoga the next day, or get outside your house and walk the streets. Or draw some fun photos on your phone.  My exercise chops and changes with the seasons, with where I’m living and with my life.


This last week Tom and I brought home our new puppy Luna (check out my instagram for puppy spam), and as I work from home, and she’s only a baby, I haven’t been able to take her out with me yet, so I’ve been changing up my exercise this week and doing online workouts at home.


You’ve got to let yourself be flexible, and if you don’t feel like doing anything at all (like today for me), than I suggest Savasana.  Yep, that totally counts as being compassionate to your body (minus the movement).


4. Don’t buy into your inner critic


This is a biggie. Your inner critic loves to tell you what’s up. She loves to tell you every single thing that may or may not be wrong with your body. She may point out your perceived flaws, she may make you feel unloved, unsexy, unhappy (and all the un-words). Hear her, but don’t believe her. They’re not true. Your inner critic loves to kick you when you’re down, she loves to keep you feeling fear. Hear her, but don’t believe her.


You have the power to believe that you are beautiful, and sexy and happy and lovable. Because you are! You are all those things. No one, not even shitty ex-boyfriends or girlfriends can make you feel any of those things, only you can make you happy and confident.


So darling, get believing it. I’m shouting it from the rooftops for you, I’m in your corner, but I need you to shout it from the rooftops for you. Believe it, believe in yourself.


5. Believe your body is worthy to love


Ahhhhh so much in this one sentence. Shame, worthiness, fear, love. That is a whole other post sitting in that one sentence.


But know this.


You are worthy to love. Your body is perfect and worthy to love.  You are love and you are loved.


So my beautiful, yes beautiful, and sexy and loveable reader, it’s time to start loving that body of yours because it wants you to love it back.  It’s time to believe your body is worthy to love.


I work with women who want to feel fucking fabulous when they look in the mirror.  If this is something you’d love to work with me on, I want to offer you a complimentary chat with me over Skype for 30 minutes to talk all things body love.  Where you’re at now, where you want to be, and how to get there.  Click here to contact me  or email me at and we can book in a time.

Much love
Abbey xx

ps.  How fantastic is the image by Gemma Correll!


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